Why Immunity Matters amidst COVID-19

Our immune system is designed to keep us safe and protected against unfriendly pathogens that may compromise our health. Then imagine if you have a weak immune system. How then will your immunity works against viruses, germs, bacteria and the like?

Immune System Boost is a Must

If you are one of the millions of people who want to protect yourself from this virus and all possible illnesses in the future, you might as well want to boost your immunity as early as now. Help your body fight off viruses by taking in proper and functional supplements.

Pu’er Tea for Healthy Tummy

Recently purchased a new Atomy product called Pu'er Tea. I think it's an interesting product and I am sure it is also an effective functional product like HemoHIM and Alaska 3 Omega Fish Oil. How unique is Atomy’s Pu’er Tea exactly? Pu-erh tea is from Yunnan province, China. The tea is commonly known as the... Continue Reading →

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