Why Immunity Matters amidst COVID-19

The pandemic that is known as COVID-19 indeed created a paradigm shift to everyone. Children and older people alike now understand that life will never be as “normal” as it was before 2020, that the saying “health is wealth” resounds louder more than ever.

Readers like you may encounter thousands of articles on COVID-19 related topics on vaccines, food supplements, herbals, tonics, homeopathy recommendations and the like. The health industry has been busy finding the needed cure, a vaccine at least, to finally mitigate and resolve COVID-19 issues. Well, not everybody can be a scientist or someone who could find the cure for COVID-19. However, everybody can protect himself and his fellow when he is taking care of his immunity. What is immune system and why is it important to protect this? WARNING: I am not a scientist nor an expert, so please exercise caution and understanding, and research as well. One thing is for sure: you will not be able to protect something you do not know or understand its value.

Immunity and You

Appreciation of creation and our loving intelligent God, our Creator, helped me understand the complexity of human body. Contrary to those who propagate the idea of evolution, imagining the way our brain works makes me feel in awe of everything God created. There are billions of cells/neurons in our brains (which by the way, weighs around 1.5 kg). The thoughts, the ideas and creativity are endless, indeed complex. Our brain controls every nerves and muscles in our bodies so we can function and move properly. We have the ability to remember and store information for ages, thanks to our brains.

Our immune system has the same complexity like our brains. How? You may have heard or read about a special molecule called major histocompatibility complex or MHC (Frontiers and Immunology, 2017) Moving on, how interesting to know that immunity works like a war within us. This MHC recognizes foreign molecules or anything that may pose harm in your system. And if a cell is tagged as foreign and unfriendly, our immune system would then discriminate and continuous to fight off this foreigner (in the form of virus or any pathogens) in your body until it wins. Why is this important to know? Because our immune system is designed to keep us safe and protect against unfriendly pathogens that may compromise our health. Then imagine if you have a weak immune system. How then will your immunity works against viruses, germs, bacteria and the like?

With this simple explanation, I hope I was able to impart a bit of information about the importance of immunity and why the need to boost it. Yes, the race for a cure is urgent and is underway. However, while waiting for the vaccine, it is but wise and reasonable to act now and be vigilant of your own health–improve and boost your immunity even at the comfort of your own home.

Some of my previous articles discussed immunity and the importance of prevention is over cure. Also, a review on a functional food called HemoHIM, it’s effect on immunity and diabetes cases was published here as well. I encourage you to check these articles and the product itself, how it could benefit you in general. Moreover, an article posted on Atomy Global website entitled Interest in Immune System spikes due to COVID-19 (MTN Reporter Chan Yoo, 2020), there is a spike in international interest on immunity because of COVID-19. The article also mentioned how the functional food product HemoHIM sold widely in the market, a 20% increase from last year’s sale.

HemoHIM courtesy of Atomy Global

Interested to know more about HemoHIM and how you can receive a box directly? Leave me a message here or email me. I would be more than happy to share a tip or two:)

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