Pu’er Tea for Healthy Tummy

Recently purchased a new Atomy product called Pu’er Tea. I think it’s an interesting product and I am sure it is also an effective functional product like HemoHIM and Alaska 3 Omega Fish Oil.

How unique is Atomy’s Pu’er Tea exactly?

Pu-erh tea is from Yunnan province, China. The tea is commonly known as the black tea and is naturally fermented therefore increasing its antioxidant contents. According to WebMD review, the Pu-erh tea “is made from the leaves and stems of Camellia sinensis plant,” and is used as medicine.

  1. Helps boost digestion therefore can help on weight loss
  2. Helps lower cholesterol
  3. Promotes sleep quality
  4. Helps reduce stress

What is gallic acid?

According to the Phytochemicals Info online, gallic acid is found on most plants and tea leaves are one of the many plants with high gallic acid concentration. Gallic acid is beneficial because of its antioxidant, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

Atomy Pu’er Tea’s main ingredient is gallic acid, 35mg per sachet. Can you imagine how beneficial is this tea for your overall health?


Atomy Pu’er Tea contains caffeine and may cause anxiety or insomnia. As with any other products, it is advised to check its ingredients before consumption. Speak with your medical provider if you have allergies, is pregnant or have experienced adverse reaction if taken already.





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