Atomy’s Powerhouse for Healthy Living: HemoHIM and Alaska E-Omega3

HemoHIM and Alaska E-Omega3 are health functional foods carefully researched and developed by Kolmar BHN, a R&D center specialised in Sun Biotech and Food Pharm business. Their flagship product HemoHIM is a functional food aims to boost and enhance your immune system. It has the power to wake up your tired immune cells. HemoHIM helps boost our immunity and activate our natural killer cells- organic, tested and patented in 7 cases.

Hemo is short for hemoglobin and HIM means “strenght” in Korean. It is also an abbreviation for Haematopoiesis (means production of blood cellular components in the body) I for Immune and M is for modulation.

Alaska E-Omega 3 on the other hand helps improve neutral blood lipid and circulation. It helps reduce the risks of heart attacks, strokes and helps lower cholesterol levels. This supplement is highly recommended for those whose diet is based heavily on meat, high fat intake, high level of stress and sedentary lifestyles.

These two functional foods are a powerhouse for natural boost in our system, therefore, helping us cope with our daily activities and sustain strenght our bodies needed on a daily basis.

If you are like me who aims to maintain and sustain healthy well being, or if you are someone who’s going through some health issues, why not try taking in functional foods like HemoHIM and Alaska E-Omega3? If in doubt, make a conscientious effort to research the wonderful benefits of these products and check if these are what you need. It would not cost you an arm or leg when you compare the long term benefits vs the regret in the future if you neglect your health. Start preventing possible illnesses by boosting and enhancing your system now, it is always better than cure.

Have questions about the products or want to get these products right on to your doorsteps? Ask me how 🙂

CTTO: Kolmar BNH is an expert health functional food manufacturer that can support the entire process from development to production and shipment.

Kolmar BNH official website

Atomy Co. Ltd

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